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Sadly, the prices of these most-coveted shoes are not friendly to the budget of those who would want to get a dose of wearing designer shoes. If you are one of those women who are dreaming to slip into a pair of gorgeous designer shoes but riding on a tight budget, you can still get the chance of owning these quiet expensive shoes if you know where to find discounted ones. 

Inspired from rich eras of the Regency and the Rococo periods, Manolo Designer shoes provides women great selections of shoes that have a dash of different periods and the modern times. With its factory based in Parabiago, Italy, Manolo designer shoes only produce less than a hundred pairs daily to ensure quality. 

Others who can afford to spend so much have a specific pair for every outfit that they have. Celebrities even have one for every outfit that they have worn on the red carpet of awards nights and premieres. But for people who can only afford to purchase a couple of pairs that they will be wearing for most of the outfits in their closets, they will have to choose pairs that are versatile and at the same time stylish enough not to be considered out of mode. 

Meanwhile, there are also shoes that can be worn to a more informal event. Most of designer evening shoes have very basic and ordinary designs, it is the addition of style on a shoes' design that makes them head-turners during formal events. Well known shoe designers, have used a variety of materials, from frosted silver leathers to Swarovski crystals and even diamond studs on their products. 

Clothing manufacturers, for instance, have used fashion shows as basis for creating imitations of designs and selling them on the streets or on the internet at very low prices. Designer bags and shoes share the same fate. What has been showcased in fashion shows would come out in the streets as knockoffs in less than a month. 

Below are some tips on how to combine all these factors and shop for the perfect pair of footwear for your loved one. Consider the need Before buying your man a pair of shoes, first determine what his needs are when it comes to footwear. What does he need? What footwear is he most comfortable with? What footwear does he often use when at work?