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My Designer Shoe Collection: Christian Louboutin | Chanel | Miu Miu

By a click of a mouse, you can make your purchase and all you need to do is to wait for your order to be delivered right at your doorstep. If you want to cut waiting time by half, a lot of online stores today usually offer an exclusive 24-hour delivery option where you can get your order the next day just by adding a few extra dollars to the total purchase cost. 

Genuine designer shoes have complete teams of experts that conduct product development, researching on the best materials to use and the best design to use to maximize comfort. Those who make imitations have limited resources and would oftentimes use substandard materials compromising the comfort of consumers. 

These are probably the most appropriate phrases to use when describing those expensive designer shoes that, every so often, come out of the fashion world. Women, generally, seem to be more attracted to shoes and are more likely to buy a pair than men. According to retail and consumer experts, women in the United States spend billion on fashion footwear every year. 

ADVANTAGES OF GOING FOR DESIGNER Made especially for a specific purpose What makes designer shoes so different from the rest of the pairs that line up the display cases in stores is the fact that it is constructed for a reason. The shoes are not just made to be worn, it is manufactured to be used in a specific way. 

Still, despite the price difference, there is really not much difference between a famous shoes designer label and a shoes designed with no label. In fact, the only thing that often set these two apart is the fact that the former has centuries of brand name supporting the product while the latter is probably designed by up and coming designers. 

This was the period of rapid fashion growth where Italian products began to be known worldwide as an epitome of quality and high fashion. In particular, Italian leather products like leather handbags, wallets and shoes were considered the best among the best. This perception remains true up to this day.