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Wilson W. Smith III: The Architecture of Footwear

However, you must be very careful before you finally buy any discounted designer shoes online, here are some tips to guide you: - Make sure that you don t order a replica or fake designer shoes. - Before you make any commitment of buying a discounted pair of designer shoe/s to a particular site, make sure that the company has a credible reputation of selling authentic pairs of discounted designer shoes. 

These people don t just buy items made off the street or from China but prefer to get branded items such as designer handbags and shoes from the fashion capital of the world that is, Italy. What is the big fuss about products made from Italy? For starters, most of the designers in this part of the world set the trend in the fashion industry. 

Combine the designer and the local labels At present, most people who have learned to shop wisely combine pieces from famous designer labels as well as those from the 'local labels. Classic styles are often a great buy when it comes to shopping in a designer labels. This is because the workmanship, the quality and of course the design can be used over and over again for over a couple of years. 

According to the said survey, around 49% of online consumers prefer designer shoes over any other fashion accessory that they have. One interpretation of the survey is that despite the costs of designer shoes, relatively they are still the most affordable items in the world of designer apparel, sunglasses comes in second, followed by wallets, handbags and belts. 

Online stores that sell designer shoes offer them at a much lower cost since they don't pay for the physical space that they would need if they set up a store on a mall or a shopping strip. Also, online stores have a bigger clientele. Almost everyone around the globe who is online can easily purchase products. 

Women are more into the design, the style and the fit while the men are more into well nothing really. Below are some tips on how to combine all these factors and shop for the perfect pair of footwear for your loved one. Consider the need Before buying your man a pair of shoes, first determine what his needs are when it comes to footwear.